• EQD Improvement Discussion: What do you like to see us post most? Why did you stop following a specific post?

    Here on EQD, it's always difficult to tell what exactly you all like to see. We've seen portions of the fandom rise and fall over the years in popularity, from the PMV makers to the domination of SFM in 2014. Analysis seems to be steadily growing while episodes are running, though stifled by the hiatus like many other things. In the end, we try to provide a mix of all of it, even if one section sometimes looks largely ignored.

    One thing is for sure - being a new creator in an old field is tough. We've seen this most on the music and PMV side. As the fandom gets older, people fall into specific niches and seem less interested in branching out. Even with awesome new musicians rising up all the time, the love for them seems to be dwindling.

    Fandom, we need your input! What do you like to see us post most? If you used to follow a specific type of post (PMV, music, art, etc) what drove you away?

    I'm going to put a general template below. You don't need to fill it out if you just want to provide a simple comment. 

    If you can bug your friends that only come for episode posts these days to help provide their input as well, everything helps us build a better EQD for you! 

    Feel free to grab one, all, several or whatever ones you think are relevant to you here. We need people that used to follow a section, but stopped more than anything.


    This one has been slowly losing ground since 2013 it seems, which is around the time when we started reviewing it harder due to a flood of new musicians. I still don't know if that was the best plan or not.

    • What made you stop checking out music posts? 
    • Are you more likely to view a music post if it has a name you recognize? Do you check the other music bundled with it? 
    • What would make these posts better?


    PMV is another one that has evolved a LOT over time. You can only match so many songs to so many scenes of ponies before people stop checking them out. We saw a rise of the motion graphics and collabs to combat this, but even these seem to be losing steam now with how many are doing them.

    • What made you stop checking these posts? 
    • Do you prefer the "newer" motion graphics/effects scene, or are you more of a classic scenes and ponies type?
    • How could we make these posts more interesting?


    Art is quick to look without a time investment, and still super popular, but we still want to keep it fun. 

    • Is the quality in Drawfriend posts still good enough? 
    • Have "Saucy" images turned you away from them? 
    • Do you like seeing good quality OC ponies in them? 
    • Does anthro bug you in drawfriend? 
    • What about humanized ponies?


    Comics, like art, are another easy to consume piece of fan content. Because of this, they still do really well even for new people as it takes less time to experiment than with a song or video. We've seen an explosing of on-going comics over the last year or so, promting the update section. We've also been most lenient here on quality.

    • Do you follow the updates on EQD? 
    • What do you think of lower quality art but funny jokes? 
    • Does good art make up for bad humor? 
    • What do you think of comics that don't have any joke, but instead go for some feels or just tell a story?


    Fanfics have their own dedicated team in the pre-readers to keep quality exceptionally high, though this delays releases pretty badly. You may notice that other sides of EQD typically have new things posted quickly, while a major fanfic might take weeks to show up.

    • Do you prefer heavy curation of fanfiction? Or do you want some compilations of lower quality fics up quickly to separate things? 
    • Do you think any specific genre isn't getting enough love? 
    • How can we make these posts better for you?

    General EQD: 

    • Should we heavily cover Them's Fightin' Herds? (At the moment, we grab it when there isn't anything to post) 
    • What type of custom EQD stuff (editorials, interviews, etc) do you want to see more of? 
    • What type of new posts would you like to see? 
    • Is Trixie the best?