• Equestria Daily Youtube Creation Month! NaPoYoMo Starts in January!

    I still want to see some MLP Bloopers. It's been 5 seasons, get on it DHX!

    Hey guys, ABagOVicodin here. I'm proud to announce a successor to National Pony Novel Writing Month, one that I hope will have all of you learning how to take part in one of the most growing parts of the fandom! YouTube videos have been a staple of our posts for a while now, from fanfiction readings to comic readings to voice acting videos! I've seen so many people wanting more events out of Equestria Daily, so I'm here to deliver! Just like November, all of the details will be after the break!

    For those who don't know what November's NaPoWriMo was, I'll recap. NaPoYoMo (National Pony Youtube Month) is a month where the community sets a goal for themselves for the amount of videos that they want to make throughout January.

    You can make ANY type of video that you want, as long as it's pony related and it's sfw (that means no clop or grimdark subject matter). They do not have to be the categories I specified.

    What I Will Do:

    I will be collaborating with 4 experienced YouTubers on a few different types of videos. They are as follows: fanfiction readings, voice acting, reviewing and analysis, and finally YouTube channel updating (or basically "How to stay up to date in an ever-changing fandom"). These videos will be posted on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of the month and will be instructional and (hopefully) entertaining ways to teach you how to improve on the types of videos you want to make!

    What You Will Do:

    If you would like to participate, send an email to ABagOfVicodin@Gmail.com with the following information: Your Screen Name (the name you will be using for YouTube), Your Youtube Channel URL (Even if it's new, send it anyway!), and the types of videos that you want to make, along with the amount of videos that you want to make for January (your goal). Name the email "NaPoYoMo Entrant" or something along those lines. Please send it to me by the 8th of January so that I can keep track of who is taking part! Matter of fact, here's my goal!

    I plan to make EQD editorials, review videos, the EQD Podcast and I'm aiming for 6 videos this month.

    The recommended amount of videos for a goal is 4 to 5 (1 a week) but you can make your goal whatever you wish! Shoot for the stars, but be realistic! You also do not have to hold onto your videos until the end of the month! Feel free to send them to Submit@Equestriadaily.com, but keep in mind that they are not obligated to be posted. I will put together a spreadsheet with all of the videos and YouTubers who took part at the end of the month, and we will cross that road when we get to it.

    And of course nothing Twilight related is complete without a list.

    5 Tips To Get You Started:

    1. Use Audacity as a recommended audio recording software. Here is a tutorial to get you started with the program. It has a few tips regarding audio editing and how to make your audio shine!

    2. Use iMovie for Apple users or Windows Movie Maker for Windows users if you don't have any money to buy a program. If you would like to commit some money towards doing this more often, there are a few excellent programs such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, and Final Cut Pro that give you more options.

    3. Use Google Drive or Microsoft Office for your scripts. Even if your video is reliant on pre-existing content (such as reading a fanfiction), I do recommend copy pasting what you are going to read into a separate document so that you can make edits or notes to yourself as needed. Half of the battle in creating content is staying organized!

    4. Look up tutorials for the programs that you can use before you get started! I don't know the programs that any of you are able to use or can acquire. As such, part of learning how to make content is researching ways to improve! Go to Google or YouTube. I'm sure there are endless amounts of tutorials for the programs that you can use.

    5. Plan ahead what you want to do. Do keep in mind that certain types of videos take longer to make than others. So be careful if you are setting a goal for making 20 fanfiction readings, since I'm sure TheLostNarrator would be kicking down your door telling you to stop before you go insane. Create a to-do list of the videos you want to do, and do keep in mind that it's polite to ask others if you want to use their content. This goes for both pictures and fanfictions if you want to read them.

    And that's all I have! Let me know what you guys think about this event! Do you want to take part or have any questions about how to get started? Are there some expert YouTubers who have some random tips that they would like to share? Leave them in the comments below! NaPoYoMo will start on January 1st! Prepare yourselves and let's have fun! ABagOVicodin out.