• 2015 NaPoWriMo Starts Again! (Details Inside)

    She's reading all your fanfics. You did well, fandom. You did well.

    Hello fellow aspiring writers, ABagOVicodin here, and it's that time of the year again! We've been getting a lot of emails and private messages wondering if we were going to run National Pony Writing Month, and we had to think over whether we wanted to juggle that kind of work. While it's kind of late notice, we've decided yes! TheMaskedFerret has decided to pass the torch onto me, and I will gladly take on all the work to keep this event going strong!

    The TLDR for all the people interested is as follows: the goal is to write 50,000 words within the month of November. This includes poetry and stories, whether they be short or long. You do not have to write one novel that equals 50,000 words. You can write a bunch of stories that add up to 50,000 words however.

    Let's discuss the submission guidelines and everything else after the break!

    Alright, now that I have your full, undivided attention (hey, close that YouTube tab, I'm talking here), let's go over the rules.

    • Anything that you write must be fanfiction or poetry that is SFW and within Equestria Daily's submission guidelines. This means no clop, gore, or anything along those lines. Humanized and anthro fics are fine.
    • Since we didn't have a previous blog post warning you guys about this event, we will give you all two weeks to email eqnapowrimo@gmail.com. That means the deadline is November 16. Give us this information: Your author name, your goal (doesn't have to be 50k, but aim for the stars!), and what you want to write. It can be new ideas that you have, or a continuation of old stories that you want to pick back up. Poetry is also allowed. In the meantime, get writing! We're already a day behind! Ahhh!
    • Here is an example: ABagOVicodin, 50k words, Doomsday Arcade and On the Wings of the Moon.
    • Use either Google Docs or Fimfiction for your story submissions. Nothing else will be accepted. If you want to keep your stories hidden, then make sure to include the link and password within the email and let us know if you want them shown on the blog.

    What I Will Do:

    I will update you guys every week with a pep talk and/or blog post on writing. My posts will focus on different kinds of writing tips, from characterization to story structure. I'll aim to get help from the Equestria Daily Prereaders to chip in some insight to help you guys write the best stories that you can!

    I've set up a Skype group for all you writers who want to chat about your progress and offer advice to fellow writers! Please remain professional and polite in the chat. I reserve the right to kick anyone.


    Unfortunately since this is a very short notice event, the only prizes that I can offer are from my own pocket. If there are any artists or members of the fandom who would like to donate prizes to those who go above 50k words (or 1k-49k words), please email eqnapowrimo@gmail.com.

    However I do have one prize. I will raffle off one $20 Steam Gift Card among the individuals who reach 50k words. I will also raffle off one $10 dollar gift card to those who couldn't reach 50k words, but still participated in the event (1k-49k words). If anyone would like to donate towards the event, please email us.

    And that's about it! Please email us or post a comment down below if you have any questions. While it may take a little bit to answer, I'll make sure to comb through the comments throughout today. After today, please email questions to the email above.

    Good luck and let's make this (short notice) event strong! Go writers, go write! Spread this around! ABagOVicodin out.