• ?¿Drawfriend Stuff - #PLANE PONIES¿?

    Have you ever been sitting at the airport, bored out of your mind, waiting for that delayed flight to arrive while gazing out the window at the various aircraft taking off and landing? Did you fall asleep after the 3rd hour, and end up creating weird, pony/plane hybrids iny our dreams? You are not alone!

    For a while now, ponifying airplanes has apparently been a pretty major thing. Just about every type has gotten the equine treatment. Look how happy that AN-178 up there is. She's ecstatic at the chance at an army of new aviation enthusiasts.

    Below the break, get a whopping 49 ponies decked out in fins, engines, and various other plane-inspired accessories. We are gettin' weird today.

    [1] Source

    An-178 plane pony by thisisjayaitch

    Thanks to Nasty Amid for bringing them to our attention. I think... 

    [2] Source

    Plane Pony Fashion by thisisjayaitch

    [3] Source

    A340-600 plane pone by thisisjayaitch

    [4] Source

    The Magic of Friendship by thisisjayaitch

    [5] Source

    Comm: 229 by Qweeli

    [6] Source

    Maintenance Report by keeponhatin

    [7] Source

    Fly By by keeponhatin

    [8] Source

    Ominous Smiles [Doodle] by keeponhatin

    [9] Source

    Super Comanche Helipony by xn-d

    [10] Source

    Belphegor pony by xn-d

    [11] Source

    Valkyrie [Practice] by keeponhatin

    [12] Source

    Night Dreaming by keeponhatin

    [13] Source

    SR-71 Pony by Exlinard

    [14] Source

    Morgan's Flight Lessons by thisisjayaitch

    [15] Source

    Winter in Avalon by thisisjayaitch

    [16] Source

    Natasha in tire socks by thisisjayaitch

    [17] Source

    Blitz and Palette Birthday by racer437

    [18] Source

    F-4 Phantom by racer437

    [19] Source

    Recharging by racer437

    [20] Source

    Bloody Mechanics by racer437

    [21] Source

    Sleeping Airliner and Blitz by racer437

    [22] Source

    Blitz and Palette by racer437

    [23] Source

    F117 Pone by racer437

    [24] Source

    F-22 by racer437

    [25] Source

    Bd by racer437

    [26] Source

    MB-326 by GoldenPansy

    [27] Source

    Jetpone by GoldenPansy

    [28] Source

    P-40 Warhawk Plane Pony by anearbyanimal

    [29] Source

    Airliner Booty [Practice] by keeponhatin

    [30] Source

    Plane Ponies by racer437

    [31] Source

    by kindahernyart

    [32] Source

    Request:: Discovery by SILK-RIBBON

    [33] Source

    Plane Ponies by Sokolas

    [35-36] Source - Scootiebloom

    [37-44] Source - Jessy

    [45] Source - Rubi

    [46] Source - Racer437

    [47-48] Source - Jh

    [49] Source - Anearbyanimal