• Bronies 2015 - A Tribute To Five Years of Pony

    It's hard to believe we have been on this wild ride for five years now. Those of us who were in high school or college when this all started have since graduated and grown up. While time may dull things a bit and the excitement may not seem as intense as it used to be, it's good to look back on the past year to put everything in perspective.

    Thanks to an awesome video by Animerge you can see a great many examples of what projects came out this past year while still not even scratching the surface of what was produced by our talented fanbase. Things may seem tough, but you know, it really isn't all the bad, right? We've got each other, so many talented folks, and a show that continues to raise the bar.

    So what say you guys? Ready for 2016?

    Check on after the break for the video.

    Twitter: Calpain