• Pony History of the Day: Two Best Sisters Play

    I was pleasantly surprised how many of you checked out the Italian MLP intro last night! Quite a few of you had never seen it before and it was a lovely nostalgia trip for those of you who hadn't seen it in awhile.

    This got me thinking and after talking it over with the others we're going to try something new here late at night on EqD! Based on comments about Pony History of the Day in our Roundups and comments wishing the Blast From The Past posts would come back I can tell you guys want to relive some of the best of pony and see reactions from new fans who might not have gotten a chance to check out the classics.

    While I want to continue the Blast From The Past posts they can be a bit time consuming researching the different histories for the pieces we put into them and writing up a whole article. As such I thought this feature might be a nice stop gap in between the longer Blast From The Past posts with the goal of these posts being to feature some old content every day or two.

    This is where you guys come in! Since this will hopefully be a much more frequent feature I want you old veterans reading this to leave your suggestions in the comments and each day I'll try my best to pick something from the comments and credit those for the suggestion. Hopefully this will help some of you who suggested we get more into the fun by reading the comments and such.

    So what do you guys think? Tell me yay or nay in the comments and we'll see how this feature goes!

    In the meantime, let's relive the past by taking a look at the Two Best Sisters Play series, one of the best animation projects the fandom has seen! Get them all after the break.

    Warning: Extreme language

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