• Nickelodeon Partners With Hasbro For Friendship is Magic Collection Promotion With Game - Could it Lead to More?

    Some kind of partnership seems to be going on between Nickelodeon and Hasbro. As part of a new drive to push the Friendship is Magic collection toys, a commercial has appeared on their channel, and a new Applejack themed game uploaded to the Nickelodeon website.

    The commercial can be found below the break if you are curious.

    I wonder if this will actually lead to any kind of major partnership between the two companies in the future when it comes to the My Little Pony brand? A while back before Discovery Family became a thing, many thought pony would migrate over to Cartoon Network or Disney Channel for that prime programming treatment it doesn't get with how premium The Hub was. Some day, we should probably editorial that.

    Anyway, get the commercial below and game over here.

    Thanks to Sci Twi for sending it!