• Music of the Day #601

    Remember that one time when Rainbow Dash got stuck in a portal at Trixie's school for exceptional unicorns and pegasuseses during weather manipulation class, and ended up in an alternate world where an alternate world Trixie declared war on her left side, eventually leading to the Dash up above? Probably not. It was one of Trixie's lost season 5 episodes after all. Only I got to watch those. A true Trixie fan.

    Get your music of the day below while I go finish the 7th episode. Apparently Derpy accidentally released a hurricane and Trixie has to deal with it since Derp is technically her student. This is a good show. Derpy is really funny. You are missing out.

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    Chant Of Immortality [Cosine Pitchshifterz Remix] Ft. Wootmaster & Sky by The Cosine Pitchshifterz

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    Mathematicus + Aoshi - Fly Away (Freewave's Tech Trance Remix) by thefreewave

    Tech Trance

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    Daniel Ingram - Becoming Popular (MDC Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by MichauDotCom

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    Segments Of Life - Stop The Bats (Cover on The Living Tombstone Remix) by Segments Of Life

    Post Hardcore

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    Starlight glimmer- Friends are Always There for You (Hardstyle-Trap Remix) by royalpony5300

    Hardstyle / Trap

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    Ponyville Christmas Circuit by KingSpartaX37

    [7] Source

    Glitz n Glam by Strik of Nines