• MLP Season 5 CHARACTER BATTLE Round 2 Results - Begin Round 3!

    Moon Dancer dominated this one, as expected. I'm hoping she can pull off a win. Don't disappoint me fandom! She's clearly the best!

    The next, and final round of our season 5 character battle is now under way. All NEW major characters will battle it out for the TOP best pony of the last 26 episodes! The final 9 ponies will battle it out in the last round.

    Now go vote on the side bar! Spread the word! Lets see who really took the crown.  I'm scared that somepony with 0 lines and less than 5 minutes of screen time might just take the entire thing. If you missed the first round, the winner are over here.

    And get the results of this round below.

    (Character Battle Round 2 of 3) Who Was the Best NEW Character of Season 5?