• Story: An Open Door - (Update - Sequel)

    [Slice of Life][Human]

    Author: SkycatcherEQ

    Description: When Sunset saw Sonata Dusk return to CHS, and experience a very familiar treatment, she encouraged her friends to reach out to the Dazzlings just as they'd done for her after the Fall Formal. Several months later, Aria and Sonata have come to discover some joy in their new life-after-magic. Adagio, however, has continued to refuse the offer—out of bitterness, spite and an unwillingness to give those 'rainbooms' the satisfaction of seeing her break. But what she has yet to realize is that clinging to this resentment is hurting no one but herself.

    An Open Door
    Messenger (Sequel) 

    Additional Tags: Adagio's journey forward following Rainbow Rocks