• Pacific PonyCon 2016 Announces Peter New Tony Fleecs, and More!

    Pacific PonyCon 2016 is just around the corner and they have a couple more people to announce for the event! They are pleased to announce the attendance of both Peter New and comic artist Tony Fleecs to next year's event.

    They also have a lot of details on registering, events, and more after the break!

    Check on after the break for the full details!

    Announcing Peter New and Tony Fleecs!

    Great Whickering Stallions! It’s going to be a cold winter, but not in Sunny San Diego! We are happy to announce Peter New and Tony Fleecs as guests at Pacific PonyCon 2016 this January 8-10! 

    Presenting Peter New, the voice actor of your favorite stallion, Big Macintosh, and Tony Fleecs, one of the artists of the official comic series as official guests at our San Diego con!

    Charity Auction Donations

    Help us raise money for the American Red Cross/Imperial City Chapter. To donate pony goods, contact programming@pacificponycon.com. Details can be found here:

    The Party Cannon
    Get ready to rock out at our Saturday night concert, featuring music from the following awesome artists:

    Automatic Jack
    Cyril the Wolf
    Eilie Monty
    Odyssey Eurobeat
    Rhyme Flow
    We’ll also be having an awesome Beach Party with these and other fandom musicians!

    Cutie Pox Contest

    Have a talent you’d like to showcase?  Join in on the Cutie Pox Talent Contest! Applying is first come-first serve or e-mail registration@pacificponycon.com. Check out the rules here:

    Sand Castle Contest

    Always wanted your own canterlot? Longing for a stone Discord of your own? Compete for prizes by building either a sand castle or sculpture! There is no limit to the number of members per team. Teams should provide their own building materials and tools. Show us your sand skills!

    Scavenger Hunt and Cutie Mark Clubscouts

    Pacific PonyCon will be hosting a scavenger hunt for all ages with activities to do and awesome pony prizes to win!

    Along with that, kids 12 and under will receive a free Cutie Mark ClubScouts sash** and cutie mark buttons for the activities they try out.  Bring your Crusaders along to try out their marks!

    ** Sashes and buttons for kids 0-12 only, while supplies last.

    Community Guests

    Come see all of your favorite fandom personalities! Announcing:

    Kaitou Ace
    Toon Critic
    KeyFrame Productions
    Beyond Equestria Development Team
    And our previously announced guests Eile Monty and Nowacking!

    Limited-Tier Tickets for Meet and Greet / Dinner

    Our Big Kahuna pass gets you every from the Pro Surfer pass, an upgrade to a custom plush from Equestria Plush , and a meet and greet with the show guests!

    Our Waterman pass is the highest tier. it includes everything in the Big Kahuna pass as well as an exclusive dinner with the show guests!

    Discount Code

    We’re running a holiday sale! Use this code: PPC2016 to get your 15% discount! Coupon code applies to Pacific PonyCon tickets from Tiers “Surfer” and lower.  If purchasing more than 1 class of ticket several transactions may be necessary as code does currently not apply to more than 1 tier at a time. Sale ends December 26, 2015. For questions contact registration@pacificponycon.com.
    A call for Volunteers!
    Feel like lending a helping hoof? Would you like to join our team to make this an awesome convention? Surf on down and volunteer for Pacific PonyCon 2016!  Click here for the volunteer application: http://pacificponycon.com/index.php/volunteer/. Certain benefits are available for volunteers, see the application for details.

    About Pacific PonyCon

    Located at the Kona Kai Resort and Marina in San Diego, Pacific PonyCon is the first pony con with a private beach! We have a great array of show guests, community guests, panels, two concerts, and more! Check out our website at http://www.pacificponycon.com/, and find us on Twitter @Pacfic_PonyCon and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sandiegoponycon.

    Twitter: Calpain