• Hearth's Warming Con Announces Skype Call With Claire Corlett

    Good news for Sweetie Belle fans from The Netherlands and surrounding countries. Hearth's Warming Con has just announced that Claire Corlett, voice actor of Sweetie Belle, will be tuning in to a Skype call taking place during the convention.

    Find the press release below the break or on the convention website.

    With only about two and a half month before Hearth's Warming Con we are happy to announce another original show guest. On sunday 28th February, we will host a skype call with Claire Corlett, Sweetie Belle's voice actress in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Mrs. Corlett will happily be answering HWCon attendees questions about the show and voice acting.
    Claire Margaret Corlett (born July 9, 1999) is a Canadian child actress and voice actress. She is best known for being the voice of Sweetie Belle in the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She was first introduced to voice acting when her father, Ian James Corlett, made her a demo when she was five-years old. She is also the sister of voice actor Philip Corlett. She collaborated on Smart Cookies with actress Michelle Creber, who also works on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as the voice of Apple Bloom.
    This all said, we hope you'll have a splendid Hearth's Warming time at our Con, full of exciting guests both on screen and live during the Convention. Keep an eye open for even more special guest announcements!
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