• Discussion: What About The Show Do You Think Has Improved Most Over the Last Five Seasons? And The Least?

    We've seen a lot of changes over the years as the show staff become more familiar with the characters, and budgets rise on pony overall. Season one was vastly different from what we have now five years later, with all of the characters evolving and moving closer to the goals that used to dream of in the beginning.

    Comparing the season finale of season one with last week's epic time travel two-parter, you can see a pretty major shift in terms of flexibility when it comes to what they are allowed to do with ponyland. Of course, all of us watch this for different reasons, and while some changes are loved by one side, they are loathed by the other.

    So I ask you fandom, what about the show's evolution do you like most? And what changes have you disliked?

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