• 3D Pony Art Compilation #21

    Who is your favorite Doctor Whoof companion? I always was a fan of Derpy here. Now that it's kinda canon with Slice of Life, I'm trying to think of any that would do it better. I remember Twilight took the role for a while in fanfiction.

    Get your 3D ponies below!

    [1] Source

    Doctor and Derpy by indexpony

    [2] Source

    Let me Take You For a Ride Sunset... by Shadow24601

    [3] Source

    Purple Smart is now in the arena! by SourceRabbit

    [4] Source

    A shycommer has been spotted! by SourceRabbit

    [5] Source

    Pinkie Pie Arrives! by SourceRabbit

    [6] Source

    Shining Armor and Cadence Cutie Mark 3D animated by SnoopyStallion

    [7] Source

    CMC-Cutie-Mark-3D-animated by SnoopyStallion

    [8] Source

    TheDoctorsGirl99 Cutie Mark 3D Animated by SnoopyStallion

    [9] Source

    Morning Coffee by Shaboodleguitar

    [10] Source

    Undiscovered Beauties by JarusKais

    [11] Source

    Waitress Sight by SourceRabbit

    [12] Source

    Exiled by Shastro

    [13] Source

    The Arrival by SourceRabbit

    [14] Source

    Clocktower Melody by SourceRabbit

    [15] Source

    The winter Kawadeer by SourceRabbit

    [16] Source

    Dash on balcony by Cumill11

    [17] Source

    Where do you think your going? by BlackSpoiler

    [18] Source

    Going Back Home by BlueMoon2343

    [19] Source

    My Muffinsssss by BlueMoon2343

    [20] Source

    [SFM] Happy Thanksgiving! 8k Resolution! by xxgenmaxx

    [21] Source

    Christmas by djpon3yay

    [22] Source

    Mane 6 by etiennejaquier

    [23] Source

    (SFM)Book Princess by NeonDion60

    [24] Source

    Inspections (SFM Entry Challenge) by DogeBuild

    [25] Source

    Interact by DogeBuild

    [26] Source

    Littlepip by yaasho

    [27] Source

    Pinkienaut's Odyssey by Powdan

    [28] Source

    Star Ponies: The Lightchair Bearer Awakens by Powdan

    [29] Source

    Time Travel?! by Powdan

    [30] Source

    Another working day to Sweetie Drops by Powdan

    [31] Source

    Dentist Meeting by VBASTV

    [32] Source

    Kumiko and butterfly by djpon3yay

    [33] Source

    {SFM} Flutterrage (Revisited) by krida2

    [34] Source

    MLP Thanksgiving Table Close Up. 2 of 7. by xxgenmaxx

    [35] Source

    Behind the Corner by Astonov

    [36] Source

    Morning play by SourceRabbit

    [37] Source

    Group Photo by DogeBuild

    [38] Source

    She Returns by Neon-NS

    [39] Source

    Sweet Apple Acres by GLEBOSS

    [40] Source

    [SFM] DJ Dazz by Dazz-Raveheart

    [41] Source

    Monte Dashie by frikay29