• Toy Review: 4th Dimension (4DE) Rarity Plushie

    Starting pretty recently, the 4DE plushies have finally started shipping out!  Last week and snagged up a Fluttershy for some review, but she isn't the only one heading to people's houses via the recent shipments.

    So, Rarity fans, how does a pony so obsessed with fabrics and sewing work in a sewn up plushie form? (Yeah, that was a little creepy). Her first wave went out of stock pretty quick, but she is up for pre-order once again over here.

    Get a review below!

    If you already have a 4DE plushie, you know what to expect from Rarity here. She joins the other ponies in the ridiculous soft material department from top to bottom. There isn't a weird random addition anywhere to break up the smooth outside of embroidery. And following along with the others, her minor details are all there, from specific number of eye dots, to the the thick eyelashes. Even the eyelid got some love.

    Here we have a few different views of the plushie. One thing I thought was neat was the added stuffing to her tail to keep it full. I know a lot of other plushies over the years simply used an empty piece of fabric on her, but there is a bit of volume if you look closely in the show. They also sewed the curl up, to keep it in place.

    The Rarity I received has a slightly shorter nose than Fluttershy Otherwise everything is the same mold. She shoudl fit perfectly fine with the other 4DE ponies.

    And one final comparison shot. Her horn is actually pointier than the old Twilight's they released back during wave one. I don't know if that is just an extra bit of stuffing, but I'm a pretty big fan of that.

    Overall, I can't really find anything negative to say about her. If you have other 4DE plushies, shes right up there in terms of quality. If you are only getting a Rarity, expect to be happy with her. As someone who isn't usually a huge Rarity fan, shes probably my favorite one so far just from the way the mane and tail work out. I'm really looking forward to how they handle Rainbow Dash in the final form.

    If you want one, her second wave is up for pre-order over here