• Review: 4th Dimension Fluttershy Plushie

    Look who finally arrived! I remember seeing these Fluttershys way back at San Diego Comic Con in 2012, and have been waiting all that time to finally get my hands on one! 4DE may have run into a few release delays over the last few years, but that didn't mean my need for a good set of plushies didn't die off any.

    So, after so long, how does Fluttershy here hold up? Has anything changed in the gap of time between Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie being released?

    Head on down below to check out my review on the 4th dimension entertainment Fluttershy!

    Lets start off with the side shot, since that seems to be the most common one we see in our fandom plushie world. Fluttershy continues that show accuracy goal the 4DE lineup is aiming for. The embroidery on her mane and eyes is as close as they can get. Even the individual lines seem to match up.

    The material is once again super soft. If you have already bought a previous plushie off them, you know what to expect. The mane shares that material style, which is a huge step up from the scatchy brushable Build-A-Bear hair or spaghetti mane Funrise ponies.

    One of the more challenging views on pony plushies is the front-on. This one is one of the better noses, though Fluttershy's yellow on yellow makes it a bit difficult to make out at a glance. Her snout is slightly rounder than you'd expect, but overall it doesn't look bad.

    In true Flutterbutt style, her tail is big, long, and bulky. I can't find anything at all to complain about there. It's as big as her body, just like the show.

    Similar to her eyes, the embroidery for the butt symbol is top notch. It's something that bugged me about the Build a Bear plushies, which tend to fluctuate a bit on quality here.

    Her wings are about the same size as the show version, though somewhat "fingery". I've seen a lot of plushies go that route, and I actually prefer their Princess Twilight's wings (review on that later!), but they aren't bad. Definitely better than the other official plushies out there that tend to use pre-fab strange material for this part.

    If you are curious about how she pairs up with the earlier Twilight plushies, here are a few comparison shots.  Her nose is definitely pointed higher up, but as I mentioned earlier, it's hard to see where the mouth is due to her color. That's just a Fluttershy thing in general though, and not really the plushies fault.

    Her nose is  larger and more pointed than the Twilight.

    And obligatory butts. My Fluttershy seems to be a bit less bulky back there, with a higher tail, but shifting the stuffing around a bit can produce a similar result to Twilight. This is season 1 Twilight though! I wouldn't be surprised if all that sitting around reading isn't the cause!

    Overall, I'm happy with her! I've acquired pretty much every official Fluttershy out there, and there is no doubt at all that this one is my most show-accurate. My only dislike is how small she is. I'd love to see a version of this quality in that 20+ inch category. Fingers crossed for more after wave one!

    Should you buy it? Hell yeah! We need more like this! The site looks to have them on Pre-order again, but they are hinting at releasing a store locator to pick one up in person, so hopefully you all can grab one at those while we wait for online orders to restock!