• Audio Books: Past Sins / National Geographic Presents: Big Princess Week / Accolade

    I've been driving back and forth between here and northern Arizona a bunch, and I have to admit, I've listened to many a pony audio book while doing that. These things really are amazing for passing the time.

    It's listening time!  If you want to submit your own, hit this post up. Now get some audio books:

    1.) Past Sins [Normal]
    2.) National Geographic Presents: Big Princess Week [Comedy][Random]
    3.) Accolade [Comedy][Shipping]

    And find them below the break!

    Past Sins

    "Dark and foreboding. A stirring tale that shows us that even those touched by darkness can shine" - Pre-reader #12

    Author: Pen Stroke, Assisted By Batty Gloom

    Description: On a dark night filled with even darker magics, an insane cult attempts to give Nightmare Moon a body and life of her own, utterly separate from Princess Luna. But, when the spell is interrupted by Celestia, something unexpected is created.

    Now, an little black alicorn filly named Nyx finds herself living under the care of Twilight Sparkle, only to be haunted by memories and emotions from her past. Is she Nightmare Moon reborn or is she simply a doppelganger with a soul and mind of her own? Can Twilight Sparkle protect Nyx from those refuse to see past her dragon eyes and black coat?

    Or, will Nyx be forced to inherit the sins that may not even be hers and become the greatest evil Equestria has ever known?

    Past Sins Audio Book
    Past Sins EQD Page

    National Geographic Presents: Big Princess Week


    Author: Cold in Gardez

    Description: What if pony princesses were actually highly social carnivores? 
    What if a National Geographic team began following them around to film a documentary? 
    What if nopony saw anything unusual about this?

    National Geographic Presents: Big Princess Week Audio Book
    National Geographic Presents: Big Princess Week EQD Page

    Blurb by Reader, Illya Leonov:
    This is a project which could have had a difficult time transitioning from print to audio. The visual cues in the text are almost essential to the nuance. But I think this rendering came off pretty well, thanks mostly to the WONDERFUL interpretation of David Attenborough, the narrator for National Geographic by Neighrator Pony. He did a splendid job, as did Scribbler as Twilight Sparkle, and IMShadow007 as Princess Celestia.

    [Comedy][Shipping] Hey so, Cereal Velocity wrote this story. He said he would never write anything involving shipping, but we all finally convinced him. Feel free to give him crap for that.

    We also told him to continue it, so feel free to do that in comments as well. 

    Author: Cereal Velocity
    Description: Luna and Trixie both want Twilight Sparkle gone. Will teaming up solve their problem once and for all?

    Accolade Audio Book
    Accolade EQD Page

    Blurb by Reader,  Voiceguy
    Someone asked that I do Accolade, so I did. Ain't much else to it than that.
    Voiceguy narrates stuff and plays games