• Random Merch: Pinkie Birthday Candle, Pinatas, Socks, and More!

    Pinkie Pie birthday candles are suddenly a thing! At least over at Party City. These are actually pretty cheap, clocking in at $4. I can't pretend I'm an expert on birthday cake candles, but I always thought they were a bit pricier.

    Thanks to Disney Brony for that, and get a boatload of other merchandise items below the break!

    Gumball Dispenser and Swirl Pop

    Found at:  Sweet Factory
    Found by: Jeff A, AquaticBrony

    Food Trays, forks and spoons, and Cups

    Found at: Redners
    Found by: Kartia

    Giant Pinata

    Finally, a pinata you don't need to smash a pony with.

    Found at: Party City
    Found by: Disney Brony

    Pinkie Pie Shaped Pinata

    Poor Pinkie ;_;

    Found at: Party City
    Found by: Disney Brony

    Sock Set

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Blas and Annie

    Pinkie Pie Party Tin

    Did we post this already? I don't remember!

    Found at: Party City
    Found by: Chris

    Coffee Mug

    Found at: TJ Maxx
    Found by: Kelsey

    Random Clothing Things 

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Perfectly Imperfect