• "Made in Manehattan" - Episode Followup:

    Uh oh,  I get to do the Coco Pommel followup due to unforeseen circumstances. When was the last time I did one of these? I think it was Flutterbat. They tend to just hand me whatever episode has a character I can cling to. That's all they see me for. Clinging to ponies. They aren't really wrong.

    Luckily, a certain starring mare has been on my radar since her debut a season ago. Unlike my other main best pony, she's doesn't mysteriously disappear every other season. What does this mean for you?


    What kind of effect will this have on the followup as a whole?!


    We Coco Pommel now. 

    Get your weekly dose of ponies doing silly things, random pop culture shoutouts, and Coco Pommel being ridiculously cute below!

    Twilight Sparkle is bored. This is absolutely ridiculous. Have a list of things Twilight Sparkle could be doing instead of being bored:

    • Fly 3 minutes to Canterlot for MORE BOOKS
    • Fly 3 minutes to Canterlot to get donuts with MINUETTE.
    • Fly 3 minutes to Canterlot, enter that mirror thingy, sit Sunset Shimmer down for a long discussion on why repeating high school for a decade is dumb after being a near-princess college graduate archemage in Equestria, and bring her back to GLORIOUS PONYLAND. She's so much better in hooves
    • Fly 10 minutes to Cloudsdale. Seriously Cloudsdale is awesome. 
    • Fly 30 seconds to the Everfree Forest to find whatever cave Trixie is hiding in. Poor Trixie. Go princess of Friendship her back to Ponyville. Luna needs an apprentice! 
    • Fly 3 minutes to Canterlot to make out with Moondancer.


     This entire season is butts. Literally lead by butts. Their destiny is based on their butts. Only in a pony cartoon would this be allowed.

    We have had three Rarity episodes in a row now, and usually with any other pony I'd be calling for pitch forks and an end to the madness (That season 3 Rainbow Dash streak still haunts me).  In this case though, I couldn't be happier right now.  It's like she's still under some kind of after effect from that  corruption thing from last season. I have been converted. My favorite mane 6 is now... Rarity. May she entertain us for another 8 episodes.

    Though, I'd kill for a Twilight episode. No one does insanity better than the adorkable, socially awkward booknerd.

    Throwbacks, so many throwbacks. I still prefer the helicopter version though.

    Someone name and give a backstory to that hot pink Korean pop star pony on the right. I need it.

    I actually thought she looked cute in the miss-matched floppy hat. I've been told I am horrible at anything and everything involving fashion though. I've been known to wander the hiking trails nearby in bright orange gym shorts and a green shirt with bright blue shoes. I am the pumpkin.

    Seriously though that's really cute.

    I have no idea who this is, but I didn't see anyone else screencap her. Someone make something up so we can be amazed at the reference no one got a week later.

    For Manehattan, this episode was surprisingly lacking in the pop culture department. We did get some Charlie Brown on the right up there though. 

    Mike Vogel just announced on Twitter that the middle one with the heart glasses is apparently him. If you've seen him in real life, that is probably the best representation of him.

    And on the other side of the spectrum, Big Jim says it's not, but that dude on the left is totally M.A. Larson's non-bat OC rocking a 4chan cup scarf with soccer ball butt symbol. If you have no idea what that means, just skip to the next screenshot. Googling that will only end badly. 

    Especially because the next screenshot starts the greatest part of the episode...


    Just one season ago, a mare with  only had about 30 seconds of screen time set the fandom on FIRE. The Coco rush was so extreme, that she already has an entire episode dedicated to her wonderful pommelyness! I for one am proud of all of you for recognizing a multi-hit wonder when you see one. Now we just need her to join Night Glider, Lyra, Trixie, Derpy, and a random bat pony (for maximum edginess) on their own pony series! A series with absolutely nothing to do with perpetual high school drama!

    She even sits cute. Look at that perfect "struggling big city artist" posture. She's like a cute hipster without the obnoxious.

    For the 25% of you out there. 

     Here's to hoping Equestrian technology has advanced far enough to not have lead paint. Or toxic paint at all. Poor earth ponies...


    Alright, that's a little bit terrifying.  Please stop doing that Coco.

    That's... not much better.


    I don't know what you all have named this one yet. Considering I got 10 emails complaining about mentioning Diabetty, I think I'll avoid using any of the others you all have come up with. Shes chubby pony for me. That's a cute word right? No drama?

    Anyway, shes back. Consider her this seasons really easy to spot Derpy.

    Is that Babs Seed's mom? Cause I think that is Bab Seed's mom. 

     I hear he and Filthy Rich own 40% of the Equestria's income. #BurnedSaddlers4President

    That's right Coco. We went politics. Google says we can't be a "news site", so I guess we opinion bloggy now.

    Earth Ponies must have the most incredible immune systems. Maybe that is their actual "magic"? Being able to lick, bite, and roll around in anything without getting devistatingly sick? Would you trade pegasus powers for immunity to disease? I saw all those pegasus OC's in that poll we did. Dats bias.

    Are they a reference to something? Some theater troupe that I am oblivious to? The one on the left is cute.

    She's also the 3rd pony in Manehattan with a single apple as a cutie mark. I think that's the stock butt symbol these days.

    Poor Coco Pommel ;_;. How could you not feel bad for this pony? How could you not feel everything for this pony?

    Everyone always touts episodes involving their favorite pony pair as "THE EPISODE THAT SEALED THE SHIP". Clearly you are all just reading too far into it right?

    Season 5 has the best expressions. 

    If this was season 1, these two would have a full on backstory.

    Derpy had this foal here with a mysterious, trenchcoat-clad stranger during a full moon, but was too busy dealing with Dinky, her Element of Muffins super hero persona, and her mail delivery business to raise it. She sent it off to her aunt in Manehattan to take care of, but little did she know, that the act of sending it away triggered a chain reaction leading to the rise of a new NIGHTMARE MOON!

    And then everypony made out.

    And there was drama.

    First World Problems: The Play.

    This hat used to have a pretty healthy history on the fanon side, being that one last remaining link to her parents.

    R.I.P. like 10 fanfics.

    It's still just reading too far into it right? ...right?

    You did it Coco. You made me love you even more.

    The moral here was actually really well done, and I'm not usually a huge fan of the heavily pushed conclusions pony tends to tout. Small things really can make a huge difference. Just look at that massive pony fandom we have here. How many times have we seen people's lives greatly improve and happiness all around with just a compliment or one person running a donation drive for someone in need? If anything, it was the perfect snapshot of us.

    Made in Manehattan wasn't an action packed, joke filled romp into the world of high Manehattan society, and it did need to rush a few things, but overall, I'd say it was an excellent little slice of life venture into the world of go-go-go city life.

    Oh, and this: