• My Little Pony Dog Tags Series 2 Announced!

    Pony accessory junkies rejoice, because the second series of My Little Pony Dog Tags are on the way! This time around there are special shaped tags to go along with the standard shapes and other stuff you find inside packs. From the Enterplay Facebook post:
    The second series of MLP Dog Tags features 9 all new "shaped" tags, each custom cut to fit a very popular character! Along with these custom-shaped tags, there are also 21 standard-shaped dog tags, 27 collectible foil cards brand new to these packs, and 9 foil decal stickers featuring metallic silhouettes of the Mane Six, Princess Luna, Discord, and Ponyville's favorite mailmare.
    To accompany this announcement, EQD snagged an exclusive debut of two of the tags. Here's Starlight Glimmer in her triumphant dog tag debut, plus that muffin-shaped tag below shows that the "shaped" tags aren't all just headshots. There are two more shaped tags like this, each cut differently, still to be announced. Look for these in US and Canadian stores on November 20th!