• Music of the Day #560

    Is Echo the original? Aside from Luna's royal guards, bat ponies weren't really a thing before she started invading everywhere.

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    [1] Source

    (Remix) MLP: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games Song "Unleash The Magic" +Lyrics by Psychoacoustic by Psychoacoustic [3D SURROUND MUSIC]


    [2] Source

    Daniel Ingram- Im Just a Pony (Royalpony FT SophiiVA (Hardstyle Remix)) by royalpony5300


    [3] Source

    SDreamExplorerS - Crusade by Soul Strings

    [4] Source

    I Saw Her Trotting There - Crusader! (MLP:FiM/Beatles Parody) by Crusader

    [5] Source

    Glimmering in the Twilight Sky - Silshadnic by Silshadnic