• New Teaser Clip From "Made in Manehattan" Appears

    It's Thursday, which means the new episode is less than two days away. Expect the ramping up of teasers with a new one clocking in a ta full minute. What kind of trouble will they run into on their return to Manehattan?

    Head on down below for a clip!

    Youtube version

    Manehattan’s a big city. I reckon our friendship problem’s going to be harder to find than an applebug in a haybarn. – ApplejackSometimes, it’s easy to overlook the big picture if you get caught up in the details. Let’s hope Applejack and Rarity can help their Manehattanite friends!Find out this Saturday at 11:30 AM EST on Discovery Family Channel!
    Posted by My Little Pony on Thursday, September 24, 2015