• Equestrian Odysseys - New Super Rares & Royal Rares!

    Equestrian Odysseys is the start of a new block for My Little Pony CCG, and today we'll be talking about one small change to the game that's fun news all around: the introduction of Super Rares and Royal Rares!

    There's more info below on why it's good news, but here's a spoiler about Equestrian Odysseys booster packs: new Ultra Rares are easier to pull than ever before, and you'll find foils in 1 out of 3 packs instead of 4! Take a peek beneath the break for more details, plus some new card reveals, if you dare...

    With parallel foils no longer found in booster packs, there was now space for Super Rares to be introduced, which are between Rare and Ultra Rare in their rarity. They make use of the old card layout that Ultra Rares had, with the semi-transparent text box that lets more of the art shine through, as seen on the two cards above.

    With the old Ultra Rare card template used on Super Rares, we've moved on to using the template you see above for new Ultra Rares! Many of the new URs can be seen "bursting" out of their borders like Applejack's tail and the flames around her. As mentioned, starting with Equestrian Odysseys you'll pull URs from booster packs significantly more often than before.

    And finally we come to Royal Rares! RRs are full-art, alternate-image versions of Ultra Rares that are found very rarely, often seen only once per case (not box, case) of Equestrian Odysseys booster packs! Don't worry about needing Royal Rares to be competitive, because you really, truly don't. As you can see comparing this Pinkie to the one a paragraph above, they have the same name, stats, and game text, it's just that the Royal Rare is much more collectible and visually impressive.

    If you're still champing at the bit for more spoilers of Equestrian Odysseys cards, be sure to keep an eye on the official Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned here on EQD for more updates as prerelease weekend starts in just a few days!