• Music of the Day #544

    She was pissed that I kept posting buggy versions of her as headers of the Drawfriend post, so now she's moving to Music of the Day and unleashing some cute. Is she cute?

    Go get some music below while you decide!

    [1] Source

    Tantabus by Cloud Hop

    [2] Source

    Jyc Row - The tall pony who's behind you by Jyc Row

    [3] Source

    Nexaka - A Good Day is a Rarity by TheNexaka

    [4] Source

    Friendship Through the Ages [8-bit] by Joseph Stallion
    8 Bit

    [5] Source

    Make this Castle a Home (Deathcore cover) by Photon Wolfsky

    [6] Source

    Totalspark - Dreamer by OfficialTotalspark

    [7] Source

    【RaitaFoxy13 feat. Fobos】- Applejack's Lullaby (Extended Cover) by RaitaFoxy13

    [8] Source

    Agents of Disharmony - original mix by Red Spark