• Fallout Equestria Game: Rejected Concepts

    We've seen a lot of progress from the Fallout Equestria Game by Overmare Studios over the past months and while they have shown all sorts of things that have made it into the game, the team thought it would be a good idea to show off some of the concepts from the game that didn't quite make the cut.

    In today's update you'll see a bunch of ideas they mulled over but ultimately didn't include in the game and boy there are a lot of concepts that didn't quite make it. It's cool to see all the different things they were thinking of while developing the base game!

    Check on after the break for the small presser and a link to the blog post itself so you can see the pictures!

    During the past couple years we have had multiple blog posts where we have shown off our concepts for various things. However, so far we have only shown concepts that we have accepted and considered finished at the time. As such, we wanted to try and mix things up a little by for the first time show some of our rejected concepts, and offering a little insight in the process.

    There are many reasons why a concept might not get accepted, and most of the time the actual quality of the concept has nothing to do with it. Quite the contrary, many are very nice pieces of artwork. The most common reasons for concepts getting rejected in our team are impractical functionality, having unfitting style, or being unfitting to the universe of Fallout: Equestria.

    Below you will find a selection of concepts that were not approved in the end for one reason or another. While they will not appear in the game either in their current form or at all, we hope you will take the time to appreciate the effort our splendid 2D artists have to put into their work while pitching their concepts for our game.

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