• "Party Pooped": Episode Followup

    This season has been a season of world building. Over the last few months we have been introduced to many new locations in Equestria, from the he humble abode of  "Our Town" to mighty peaks of Griffonstone.

    Today this adventure to learn about Equestria takes us to the far north, or rather, brings the far north to us. Three yaks from Yakyakistan travel to Ponyville and bring with them diplomacy issues, humour, whatever it is Pinkie Pie does and an adundance of potential reaction images, all brought together by Nick Confalone's debut episode.

    Find the followup below the break!

    Have you ever been so stressed out your teeth turned into a Tetris block?

    It's been a while since we have seen stressed out Twilight though. Ever since her princesshood we haven't seen much of her anxious side, at least not to this level. Good to have her back.

    I retract the previous statement.

    Speaking of returning quirks. The stress reducing breathing excercices Twilight learned from Cadance make a return after being absent since their introduction in Games Ponies Play.

    Soon after we have our first introduction to the Yaks. Their design is quite unique compared to other civilized races we have seen in Equestria so far.

    I wonder though. Twilight states that the border of Yakyakistan has been closed until recently. Does this make Yakyakistan part of Equestria (like a state/province border) or is it a seperate country? How do borders in Equestria and surrounding areas work? So many unanswered questions!

    Rutherford now lets the diplomat of the hosting country smell his breath, as is Yakyakistan tradition.

    Note to self: If ever travelling to Yakyakistan, pack own food.

    As someone who does quite a bit of international travel, I can confirm this is an accurate depiction of a first dinner in a foreign country.


    It's not surprising the mane 6 are good at fixing Twilight's house, be it the castle or the library. How many time has that place been trashed now?

    With a trophy like that Rainbow Dash would make for a good QA tester.

    Don't worry Fluttershy. Pinkie will be out of your hair soon.... huehuehue.  

    Have a complimentary pony in the hat of a pony with a hat.

    Fun fact: These type of hay beds actually still exist in so called "Hay hotels" found in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (among others)

    Until now I didn't know that I needed more small animals with antlers, but I need more small animals with antlers.


    It seems yaks share Sweetie Belle's opinion on Equestrian fabric.

    Here we see the Pinkius Paiacus consult a mannequin horse head for its secrets

    If there's one thing I learned over the past 4 years it's that you don't question Equestrian weather logic...

    I've... ummm.... I.....

    I've got nothing here. I think Twilight's face in the last panel does the talking for me.

    [Silently contemplating about life intensifies]

    It is now my headcanon that alligators share their eternal knowledge through their tongue.

    That's not how hooves work!

    Gummy, I suggest you and Spike do not meet anymore.

    If anything this episode had a plethoria of faces for everyone to enjoy.

    Isn't this a point where you cross the line? Isn't there some sort of legal clause that make diplomatic immunity void when you destroy a cake? No? Well, there should be!

    I always find Pinkie is at her best when she is just doing what needs to be done in her own way, instead of just being the "random comic relief" for an episode. And this journey is an example showcasing that perfectly.

    This screencap is presented to you without context.

    I have to give props for the subtle product placement here. This is obviously a reference to the new Pinkie Pie garderning shovel.

    Now we wooldn't want the train to get delayed, now woold we?

    "I came back because I heard there is no wall-eyed pony to overshadow me this time!"

    I think the CMC just had a collective aneurysm about what this image implies.

     "And this is where we store all the Cherry Jubilee fanfiction"

    It's not... creepy.


    It is good to finally see Spike get some recognition for his tal....

    Oh.... never mind.

    The only acceptable way for the yaks to go to war is with these.

    "Don't mind me. I'm just having a party HANG-over."

    How was Pinkie able to do this all within the span of one afternoon? Just "Because".

    "Hello. I'm here for my four line cameo. Bye"

    "At least you understand me, stair decorations"

    *holds up "Yikes!" sign*

    Here we see the Pinkius Paiacus Navis Submarina, observing her surrounding to find a suitable location for her next party.

     Whatever this baboon/wolf-like thing is supposed to be, it is an awesome design.

    I just want to take this moment to appreciate the adorableness of this little yak...

    ...and this yak helmet wearing pony.

    "With my final breath I curse thy wooliness!"

    While this party basement basically came out of nowhere, somehow I'm still not surprised Pinkie has one. Although I do question the safety standards on a ceiling made of candy.

    "Look Rainbow Dash, there's a shipfic about us too."

    "They're just so cheesy!"
    -Ms. Friendship Letters

    This episode once again showed how far Pinkie is willing to go to make sure her parties are the best. It makes scenes like this, where she feels like she failed them, all the more sad.

    I feel ya, Pinkie. I make the same face when I see someone has opened my fanfic drawer.

    "So do we walk back up the slide, or what?"

    Best moment of the episode right here.

    I'm surprised the train station survived that scene.

    Now all she needs is the jacket and a motorcycle.

    Considering recent events, I wonder when they will have a "Best Friends" ceremony.

    And that's "Party Pooped" everyone! It was quite a ride. I really enjoyed this episode. It was fun to see the return of some old characters and the yaks are a nice addition to the MLP universie. I hope we can see more of them in the future.

    What did you all think? Did you like the yaks? Was is fun to see characters like Cherry Jubilee make a return? Leave your comments below!

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