• Spotlight Music: Tree Hugger vs The Smooze Theme / Aurora Borealis (Metapony remix) / The Forest

    Delta Brony returns with a Tree Hugger Vs. Smooze inspired arabian battle song with remixes of a bunch of pony songs and some Discord, because why not do all that in a single song? Get that in the first slot.

    And in the second, a remix with some vocal chopping for those that want a bit of that oldschool fandom feel. Get that in #2!

    And finally, chillout in the forest with some Tree Hugger inspired Trance from Nicholas Dominique!

    1.) Tree Hugger vs The Smooze Theme (Instrumental/Remixish - Arabian)
    2.) New Reverian - Aurora Borealis (Metapony remix) (Remix - Vocal Clipping/Progressive House)
    3.) Nicolas Dominique - The Forest (Instrumental - Chill Trance)