• Discussion: The 100th Episode is Right Around the Corner. If You Were in Charge, What Would You Make It About?

    The biggest celebration of everything the fandom has done over the past few years is right around the corner. Episode 100 promises to do all sorts of amazing things for the people that have been watching and growing this amazing show and it's following.

    I'm sure everyone out there has a different way they would like to approach an event like that. If the concept of "best pony" is any indication, the fandom is diverse to say the least.

    So, time for the question! That hypothetical Hasbro executive is back and cornered you in the street one day. He needs an idea for the 100th episode, and you are the one to provide it. How would you like to see it play out?

    Hit the comments up!

    Thanks to The Pony Producer for the idea!