• SDCC My Little Pony Panel Gets a Time! Possible Season 5 , 2017 Movie, and Friendship Games News Soon!

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    We may still be waiting for the finalized commission of our mascot, but this one is perfect for this post!

    Every year, San Diego Comic Con hosts a gigantic pony panel, revealing all sorts of awesome stuff that just doesn't happen elsewhere. Usually it's the place we go to find out about an upcoming season, but this time it will be dropping right in the middle of the current one. So what can we expect to find out about in terms of the future of MLP?

    Head on down below for some theories, along with where you need to be if you want to see the panel!

    MLP Movie: 

    As far as we know, the 2017 MLP movie is pretty far into pre-production, but still a long ways off. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a small mention of it and maybe some information. Maybe a general idea or finalized title? I'd be up for that!

    Considering Mike Vogel usually hosts these events, it would be weird not to hear anything about it. He did pretty much completely shift his attention over there after all.

    Season 5: 

    I'm sure future episodes of season five will also get some love. Maybe the finale? They love showing off teasers of two parters at these panels.

    Equestria Girls: Friendship Games:

    Equestria Girls will probably have a pretty large showing considering it's slated to drop at the end of the year. I'd expect a song or clip from that one.The last two panels have been pretty music focused when it comes to them.

    So when is it?!

    10:30 AM Pacific on Friday July 10th

    As always, we will be there liveblogging it like last year! If you happen to be at the actual event though, be sure to say hi! Look for the asian dude, tall european guy, and short one with an orange backpack buried in a laptop.