• My Little Pony: Friends Forever #18—Grand Brony Gala Exclusive Cover!

    Well, this is a random cover for Friends Forever #18, which features the team up of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. But this is for the Gala after all, so focusing on a couple of unicorns at the Gala instead of at a high school reunion make more sense.

    And look at what the ever talented Agnes Garbowska managed to produce for this cover! Just look at those literal star-struck expressions on every pony that's not The Belittled and Shoved-Away Trixie! Why Twilight looks to be having a grand old time!

    This retailer exclusive cover will be available exclusively at the Books a Million booth at the con.

    The Grand Brony Gala will be held on July 10th–12th in Tampa Bay Florida. Tickets for the Gala are still available and can be purchased here: http://grandbronygala.com/registration.html.

    Special thanks to… well this is new. Special thanks to Sethisto for the heads up!

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