• Music of the Day #500

    Woah, 500 of these? I guess that little "post most of the remaining music that didn't make it to spotlight" from the old music review style worked out in the end. 

    I hear you Music of the Day people haven't been batty enough lately, so have a bat.We need more of these after all. What would the fandom be without it's bat ponies?

    Now go get your Music of the Day below!

    "Luna Patrol"
    Instrumental Hip Hop

    Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo (Progressive Element Remix)

    Nexaka - Pinken the Stars
    Drums and Bass

    Spruce Up The Castle (Chevelle Parody)

    Doesn't Remind Me of Season 5 (Audioslave Parody)

    Totalspark - Dash