• Hasbro Released It's Zap Code App - Friendship Celebration. Time to Explore it! (Update: Now with link)

    You may or may not have seen this during our Toy Fair 2015 coverage,  probably because I may or may not have completely forgotten to post it. Woops.

    Luckily, the app has officially been released, at least on Android. So what exactly can we expect from Hasbro's newest addition to the world of mobile entertainment? Will you finally get a use out of those tattoos they have been plastering on all the newest brushable figures? Head on down below the break to find out!

    Just a reminder if you have no idea what Zap codes are. That Coco Pommel up there has one on her hoof.

    If you are like me, and have no zap code brushables due to an overabundance of Funko figures, they will still randomly assign you ponies. In this case, I got whoever

    Some of the zap code ponies appear as guests at random too.

    The main bulk feature of the app appears to be these parties. You can party it up with your uploaded characters, or with whatever ponies it assigned you at the intro screen. Each day is an actual physical day, so in my case, Rainbow Dash's party is the only one available.

    Luckily, Dashie just happens to be rolling in bits or something, so her parties are pretty ridiculous. The actual party screen lets you interact with various objects. Dash flies into the air when you tap her, and hitting the clouds next to her causes Derpy, Scootaloo, and Spitfire to suddenly appear. Why they are hiding at Dashie's party is probably something more for the realm of fanfiction. 

    With your three party guests and Rainbow in tow, you get to play a random serving game. The ponies ask for various things, and you drag it over to them.

    And if serving isn't your thing, Rainbow Dash's house also comes with a weather mini game where you try to pop the other ponies balloons with a stormcloud. The computers in this case are ridiculously easy. They barely move the cloud while you can throw it just about anywhere.

    Surprise! The weather pegasus beat the apple farmer and book reader in a weather game.

    That serving game up there also gives you prizes to distribute and collect, though I'm pretty sure I gopt most of these by default.

    Dat pun. Dat vector

    Oh, and did I mention you can take selfies? Yep.

    All in all, it's super basic at the moment. I'm sure they will keep expanding it as time goes on, and the overall framework appears solid. Everything is smooth and flowy on my Galaxy S5.

    The voices are probably the most entertaining part at the moment. Rainbow Dash sounds like a 6 year old, and Celestia sounds like a 6 year old trying to fake a granny voice. Good times!

    Download it over here.

    Thanks to Evelena for the heads up!