• Music of the Day #488

    The great moon war of 2035. Few were prepared for the princess of Twilight to gain such a strong foothold on the dark side. Luckily we have Luna here who was a tactical expert on both sides of the moon.

    Now go listen to music and imagine MOON WAR.

    Different genres for different parts of it!

    The high tech network hacking on one side with ELECTRONIC.

    The massive pony battles via some ORCHESTRAL.

    And the final battle with an epic rock theme.

    [1] Source
    Neighsayer - See You in the Spring

    [2] Source
    [Neurofunk] PeKaNo - A Show For Little Girls

    [3] Source
    [DnB] Amped (Celestial Planes)

    [4] Source
    Morgsch - Let the sun rise (feat. Itchigotchi)

    [5] Source
    Pony Music - Equestrian War Zone [Drumstep]

    [6] Source
    Wind Wolf | Multi-subconscious Relative Equality

    [7] Source
    Official DJRedSkY - Big Dreams

    [8] Source
    Fight To The Finish (Remastered)

    [1] Source
    Haste - By Reverbrony