• Stay Brony My Friends #101 with Kelly Sheridan

    Stay Brony My Friends is back after a brief time off! This time they have an interview with Kelly Sheridan, the queen of Equality. As always with Stay Brony, the special guest has picked a charity to support: The Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia!

    Check out the podcast after the break and possibly donate some money to the cause for a chance of getting some awesome prizes!

    After a one show hiatus so that the big guy could get some surgery done, Stay Brony My Friends is back with EQUALITY for all!!!!

    Thats right Kelly Sheridan joined us last Monday to talk about Starlight Glimmer and her coming BACK into the MLP family. Thats right Y'all, she played Melody in My Little Pony Tales as well as characters from shows as diverse as Ranma 1/2 to X-Men! She is also the main voice of BARBIE! (Ask her about that Ken guy)

    After a bit of spinning yarns and tall tales, we gave away all the awesome prizes from out 100th anniversary show charity drive and then Kelly asked us to help The Wildlife Rescue Assoc of British Columbia! 

    Wildlife doesn't end just because the city begins. Wild animals are with us even in the largest cities. Urban environments are very dangerous for animals, though, and many are injured every day through interactions with humanity, our buildings and our vehicles. The Wildlife Rescue Association provides medical treatment and rehabilitation with the goal of release back into the wild for animals hurt in the cities of British Columbia. They also advise and educate people about how to coexist with urban wildlife, hopefully preventing the very injuries the WRA was created to treat.

    Fluttershy-tested, Fluttershy-approved!

    We loves us some Animals around here! so great giveaways for this one. A funko Trixie, a Heather Nuhfer signed comic and a mane style pinkie pie are up for grabs. But not only that, if we break 500 bits, I'm throwing in a Silver Slinger pendant of Equality AND Kelly is going to sign a pixelkitties art piece os Starlight Glimmer too!

    Don't miss our next show on May 18th at 5pm PST/8pm EST live on Canterlot Hill as we welcome the bubbly and just plain fun "BLOO" to the program. We will talk Cosplay all night long! so don't miss this one all you costumers out there!

    Once again, thank you for all your prior and future support!
    Dustykatt and Screwball

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