• Music of the Day #487

    Admiral Fluttershy presents: a selection of music that didn't quite hit the spotlight section! Check it all out below, or walk the plank! Yarrrgg. She was a pirate all along. Or something.

    [1] Source
    God Knows - Sights Unseen

    [2] Source
    【Remix】Make This Castle A Home -DolceTikky Remix-

    [3] Source
    MrMehster & MagnaDrake - CiderDrunk [Featured in Celestial Planes]
    Big Room House

    [5] Source
    Jyc Row feat. IbeConcept - Chrysalis' Revenge

    [6] Source
    Famitracker Bits - Lunar Dreamscape (GBC-style)

    [7] Source
    Neu KatalYst - Midnight Telle [Ponies at Dawn - Celestial Planes] [DnB]

    [8] Source
    Royalpony- I'll Fly (Remix)

    [9] Source
    [110bpm] For Her VIP - Variance EP