• My Little Pony Omnibus Volume 2—Available for Pre-Order

    Reprints! Get your official IDW My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic reprints here!

    Amazon has tossed up the listing for second volume of the MLP:FiM Omnibus series, where ach volume collects twelve issues of the comic series. Volume two collects MLP:FiM issues #13–#24.

    For those who have either forgotten what arcs those twelve issues contain, or if you're a newcomer looking to get into the series for the first times, here's a quick little reminder!
    • My Little Pirate: Friendship Ahoy! by: Heather Nuhfer (W), Brenda Hickey (A), & Heather Breckel (C) 
    • Bookworms by: Heather Nuhfer (W) & Amy Mebberson (A), & Heather Breckel (C)
    • Reflections by: Katie Cook (W), Andy Price (A), & Heather Breckel (C)
    • Manehatten Mysteries by: Ted Anderson (W) & Agnes Garbowska (A)
    • Petastrophe! by: Jeremy Whitely (W), Amy Mebberson (A), & Heather Breckel (C) 
    • Discord in Time by: Jeremy Whitely (W), Brenda Hickey (A), & Heather Breckel (C)
    With an action packed year like that, this is one collection that will be hard to pass up! So if you're looking to get into the series, or you know a friend who could use some entertaining reading for a few hours, you can pre-order the comic here!

    Expect it to be released on September 29th, 2015.

    Special thanks to Chevistian1 for the heads up!