• Midwest Brony Fest - Last Chance for Pre-Reg!

    I'm liking these OC ponies. We really need to get ours chosen at some point!

    Midwest Brony Fest is closing pre-registration on the 1st of May. If you happen to be in the area, head on down below the break to sign up!

    "Clock. Is. Ticking!

    May 1st is quickly approaching and when the clock strikes midnight it will be the end of preregistration for all sponsor level badges at Midwest Brony Fest.

    If you are interested in all the awesome perks that come with the Assistant, Pony, and Mascot level badges such as t-shirts, messenger bags, lanyards and limited edition MWBF coins, make sure you preregister right now at www.mwbfkc.net/registration.

    One of the most notable pieces of swag to come with preregistration is the White Dove Creations Chit Chat plush only available to the most noble MLP fans who purchase the Mascot tier badge.

    Right now, however, the best news of all is that if you preregister from now until May 1st you can save 15% off your tickets. This counts for all tiers!

    Don't miss your chance to meet Andrea Libman, Kazumi Evans, Michelle Creber, Jessie Nowack, Little Miss Bloo Cosplay and performances at LOUDER from Michelle Creber, BlackGryph0n, Tetsuo, Hackd, One-Trick, and 10 other amazing acts!"