• Will Anderson Completes the Score for Episode 100 with Gina Guo, Signs on for Friendship Games!

    It has been far too long since we've last plugged some Will Anderson here. That background music you hear littered throughout the entirety of every episode? That's this guy. It has been four long years, and it has always been superbly done.

    He has revealed a bit of information on his work with episode 100 over on Deviant Art. The exact quote:

    I just finished scoring episode 100 of MLP FiM. It came out great! There is a neat instrumental set piece featuring Tina Guo on cello. Rockin'! Airs June 13th I believe. And I am doing the third EG movie, which is called "The Friendship Games." Life is busy and fun!

    And if you are curious about who Tina Guo is, check out her Youtube here. Apparently she plays a role in our anniversary background pony madness. Expect that later this year!

    Episode 100 is going to be awesome

    Thanks to Mitchell for sending it!