• Mane 6 Still Trucking Along on New Fighting Game - Screenshots, Videos, and More Soon!

    It seems like forever since we last posted up anything about Mane 6 and their currently-in-development fighting game.

    For those that haven't been following it over the last few years, Fighting is Magic was taken down by Hasbro's legal department two years ago, which lead to the team over at Mane6 ditching the direct pony and instead hopping in with Lauren Faust herself to create brand new hooved characters for the game.

    It has been pretty silent after their last update, but over on Facebook, Mane 6 has revealed that they are very much still in progress, and after one more engine addition, they plan on blasting us with all sorts of screenshots, art, and videos.

    I for one can't wait. Ponies or not, anything relating to the awesomeness that was Fighting is Magic will surely be something to follow.

    Thanks to Simon for sending it!