• FIENDship is Magic #5—Interview with IDW Artist Andy Price

    Tomorrow, we get to know the villain who gives love such a bad name. But tonight, We have an interview with the artist for the final FIENDship is Magic issue!

    What little secrets does Andy Price hold for those who can't wait?

    Well I played my part, and we've played this game. Interview is after the break!

    When and how were you approached to work on the Chrysalis issue of FIENDship is Magic?

    Not positive I remember exactly when the subject matter came up, but I recall discussion on the idea with Katie Cook and editor Bobby Curnow at NYCC in early October of 2014. By that point we knew we were doing the project, as comics have to work many months in advance.

    Chrysalis is a character that you haven't touched too much since The Return of Queen Chrysalis arc in issues 1–4. What, if anything, are you approaching differently—either stylistically or with the tone—with the character this time as opposed to last?

    Nothing radically different from my regular work—I always try to find something new to bring to work, a technique or new material. The tone is for the most part, similar to the first arc. I will say however, there are some dark concepts presented, which in my opinion fit this character well and provide a nice contrast to the more mindful and light-hearted Mane 6.

    How much of an influence did that first arc have Chrysalis's FIENDship issue?

    Somewhat, but it's not something someone has to have read to truly understand what's happening in FIENDship.  I will say that I had to dig out my issues of the first arc for visual reference a fair amount. Story-wise, it's a slight epilogue to the first story-arc in issues 1-4, and provides some (not all, not yet) answers to Chrysalis... one big answer is it flat out shows the reader how she came about, and I think it's safe to say it's fairly simple and unique.

    Do you think Chrysalis will ever have that day she's dreamed of since she was small?

    I think if she could crash a junior prom held on Valentine's night, she might be sustained.

    If the opportunity were to present itself for another story with Chrysalis would you be willing to return?

    Oh yes... there's ideas brewing, and a character like this will always bring about questions to be answered. I think that's one of the reasons she's appealing. The more one observes the character, the more questions come about—Why does she look damaged? Where did she come from? How long has she been doing these horrible things? How did she come to stumble on Cadance?  We answer some things, leave others untouched, for now. I think she's a character that will take a long time to unravel, this is just the starting point.