• Music of the Day #483

    Bloom n' Moon, the new hit reality TV series about an apple farmer rebelling against her family by trying to become a unicorn, and the silly princess that guides her.

    Or something.

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    [1] Source
    Outside the Day - Talking to My Shadow

    [2] Source
    Celestia's Mantra

    [3] Source
    Freewave - You Can't Get Away From Your Own Shadow

    [4] Source
    Ghosts - Sights Unseen

    [5] Source
    LutariFan ft. FritzyBeat - A Glimmer Of Hope
    Progressive House

    [6] Source
    The Iron Pony - Rainbow Factory [Metal Cover]
    Metal Cover

    [7] Source
    Nexaka - Testing the Spectrum

    [8] Source
    Famitracker Bits - I'll Fly (Season 5) (GBC-Style)

    [9] Source
    Light Veins - Above The Sky

    [10] Source
    Pony Land
    Country Gospel