• PonyVRVille Updates to 0.0.5a

    The horsing around continues as PonyVRVille gets a new update! Some of the highlights for this release include actual pegasi flying through the sky, adding even more life to the game.

    But that isn't the only thing available in this latest update so check on after the break for the full scoop, including demo vids!

    v0.0.5 3/19/2015

    "iPegasi in the Sky"
    • New icon and splash screen courtesy of AlexWhiteUK 
    • Actual flying AI pegasuseses have been added to the game. You can also press F9 to make them want to go to your location.
    • Terrain has been reworked a bit and the road is now painted on the ground. Spline roads have been removed.
    • Update of how ponies act when you aren't around. That's right, they talk about you behind your back. Blank-flank.
    • Mesh optimizations to the apple trees to speed up rendering.
    • Buttons over the heads of the interactive ponies now have extra spinning action.
    • OS X build finally finished! You can now play on the Mac with this release. If you want to anyway.
    • Minor bug fixes and changeling AI optimizations.
    • Known OS X issue, the instructional video doesn't play. Will try to fix. Eventually.
    As always, not guaranteeing that it will work, whether Win or OS X it likes a bit of power, so a nice gpu, decent amount of ram, the usual. Comments, complaints, or brickbats can be tossed at me here, or at @mylittleties.

    To download the latest version please visit www.kaitouace.com/vr and scroll all the way to the bottom!
    Also, if you're going to be at BABSCon next week, stop by and visit PonyVRville at my booth (E1) in the vendor hall!

    Twitter: Calpain