• EQD Mascot Report - Day 4 - THE COLORS!

    Artist: Buri

    So far we have around 250 mascot ideas and submissions, making choices on what exactly we will use incredibly hard!

    I just looked back over all the header images so far, and the theme has been pretty much exclusively a specific coloration style, with our site background as the body and variants on magenta for the mane. This style actually looks really cool, but as this is still a heavy idea gathering phase, more colors are always welcome!

    Ultimately, color is going to be one of the most difficult things to decide on I think. Early on we were almost completely sure we'd go the gray/purple route, but the more ponies that come in, the harder it is to stick with one idea. Since we may be going with a duo or trio of ponies, it could help lighten the load a bit.

    Anyway, head on down below for some examples of color outside of the one we've used a bunch!

     (Artist: Gillian) 

    Technically, EQD used to be blue. We shifted between Trixie blue and Rainbow Dash blue over time, with several shades in between. This pegasus kinda grabs that whole sky and cloud feel that I know some people miss. Maybe some day EQD will be blue again?

    Here is a set of ponies all with very casual tones that would probably be more realistic than some of the sharper ideas we have seen come in so far. I'm liking that orange magic!

    Artist: 이대헌

    While I don't think we will go the businesspony route, this is a good example of a pony that leans more toward the pink side of the spectrum. Quite a few of those have come in, and It's not a bad idea. Maybe for the little sister if we go duo mode? Though that might be a bit too Pinkie Pie clonish. 

    Zowie Stardust is known for the wild colors, and she sent these four over representing various aspects of creativity here on EQD. While the set of ponies above was more muted, these are much more lively. Deciding between the two ideas is going to be tough.  That first one reminds me of one of my favorite early fandom ocs. Good times...

    Mixing up the magenta with a lighter blue or other colors is also an interesting idea. That and Dennybutt rocks so I had to post this one somewhere.

    (Artist: Jared) 

    Unfortunately the follow admins here at EQD have banned me from going RAINBOW EYES. I suppose we can have flat colored eyes. I still like the concept though.

    Tomorrow I think we will delve into cutie marks. As for a deadline, we will probably brainstorm this in person at BABSCon. Maybe show off a few at our panel? Be sure to hit it up if you are interested! Until then, keep the brainstorming going!

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