• My Little Pony Pagents & Ponies!

    And yet another MLP Trade Paperback has been announced in today's solicitations! For those of you expecting some new material, you'll find your princess in another castle unfortunately. This trade is the 4th volume in the MLP Photonovel series, which means it's a comic book made of screen grabs from the show.

    Which isn't a bad thing. These comics are great for helping younger readers who are just learning how to read get into the hobby with a story their familiar with.

    Publisher: IDW PUBLISHING
    (W/A/CA) Various
    Revisit the habitants of Equestria and learn about the magic that friendship brings in this adaptation of the television series episodes "Family Appreciation Day" and "Hearth's Warming Eve."  

    For those of you who are interested in having a comic version of two more MLP cartoon episodes, this issue will be available in comic shops on June, 17th.