• Random Merch: Skateboards, Towels, Egg Thingy, and More!

    Equestria Girls is getting a lineup of skateboards apparently. These were found on a  site called rihappy by Daieny. There isn't any hint on where they will be heading around the world, and they look like the usual cheap Walmart versions, but they exist.

    Have some links!

    Pinkie Pie

    And get tons of Random Merch below!

    New Pop Figures Appearing at Toys R' Us

    Apparently these are already showing up!

    Found At: Toys R' Us
    Found By:  Micheal

    Aurora Luna

    Moonbutt is showing up from the Aurora Lineup. I don't think we ever made a point of that, so have a point!

    Found At: Meijer
    Found By: Andrew

    Random Shirts! 

    Found At: Wal Mart
    Found By: Presently Imperfect

    Bubble Set 

    Found At:Walmart
    Found By: Swift Blaze and Spellbound

    Rainbow Dash Tin Activity Set

    Books, Markers, Stickers, and More!

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Spellbound

    Equestria Girls Beach Towels

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: FinalityVideo

    Easter Egg Thingy

    Or something like that at least according to the submitter

    Found At: Here!
    Found By: Daieny

    Pony Fan

    Fan it all... I have no idea what to say about this. I'm so lost.

    Found At:
    Found By:

    Maud and Pinkie Tin

    Comes with 2 CCG packs, 3 trading card series 3.packs, poster,
    1 CCG promo and 1 series 3 pinkie pie promo

    Found At: Toys R Us
    Found By: Leah