• Midnight Mares Kickstarter Adds a Minute of Animatics, Ending in 7 Days

    While Duo Cartoonist may not be involved anymore, the Midnight Mares animation kickstarter is still underway, moving on to it's final week. The intro video now has an extra minute of animatics added to the end of it. If you want to check it out, head on over here!

    And get their release note below the break.

    Press Release:

    C. Allan Gann has just posted (1 Minute) of new animatics within his "Midnight Mares" Kickstarter backer video!

    These animatics will be featured in the full-length trailer. However, in order to complete remaining animatics and render in full-color, his Kickstarter campaign must reach its goal:

    Midnight Mares Kickstarter Campaign w/ 1 Minute of New Animatics

    All backer rewards (including "early birds") are still available!

    NOTE: Duo Cartoonist's YouTube page no longer hosts the "Midnight Mares" teaser trailer, as its new home is C. Allan Gann's YouTube channel below:

    Midnight Mares Exclusive Teaser Trailer