• EQD Mascot Report - Day 7 - BUTT SYMBOL

    Artist: TheDaWaffle

    I'm seriously amazed at how many awesome ideas and mascots are coming in. I'm also a little bit terrified. How the hell are we going to choose from all of this? So many designs! The "potentials" folder currently has 70 ponies in it. We need to narrow that down to two! Hold me EQD.

    I skipped a few days so as to not be obnoxious with the mascot posts, but I think this is an important topic that will obviously play a large role in the final pony. Cutie Marks are a thing, or Butt Symbols as Lauren Faust so expertly coined them. Quite a few variations have come in based on our usual logo, with most choosing to adopt the "Q". This is probably the one I personally am liking the most, and we even got two that added a wing to it.

    The current plan is to meet up at BABSCon and go through the ponies in person. Maybe we can do some of that at our panel? If you are there, be sure to drop by at 5:45 on Saturday!

    Now go! Check out some butt symbols below the break.

    Artist: Flutterlove

    A simple Gmail icon. Since EQD is so reliant on you guys submitting things, it's a good fit.

    Ponies use scrolls, so why not run a scroll for news? It's convenience for all you earth ponies out there.

    A few of you have been straight up sending the logo as the mark. We will probably go for something a bit less horizontal though.

    Example of one of two people that added a wing to the mark. I'm liking it! The other one was great too, with it nearing the top.

    We could go the TV news route and ditch the logo entirely.

    And finally, there is the option of completely ditching the logo altogeather and going with an original cutie mark.

    Overall, it's a tough choice! I think we will probably aim for that Q though, either with wings or without.

    A few people asked if they can post these mascots to their Deviant Art or Tumblr pages, and we have absolutely 0 problem with it. Post away!

    And if you want to follow up on what we have posted so far, head on over here.