• EQD Mascot Report - Day 3 - Pony Tribes

    (Idea from Ashley Nichols Art!)

    Yesterday I mentioned the idea of a little sister and big sister combo, and this is one of the first ones we got based on that. Needless to say it's really cute. I almost get an Anna/Elsa vibe from these two. This concept is a huge possibility for the final run!

    This brings us to our next report topic; going over the various pony types. Quite a few have sent in suggestions to have three separate ones, with a unicorn, pegasus, and earth pony represented. Calpain agrees with you especially, being the first to chime in and want it.

    The challenge with three ponies, is how difficult it would be to incorporate all of them when we want to actually use them for something. As I mentioned in the first post, EQD isn't exactly overflowing with artistic skill internally. Our only person on staff with any talent there is Couch Crusader, and like most of us, he works full time and has an ask blog to run. It would be expensive to commission three ponies as opposed to a single one, so duo might be the best bet to at least have more than one type available.

    Anyway, get tribes and how they'd work on EQD below, along with a few more of the ponies people sent in for each!

    Earth Pony

    Artist: Natsuhiboshi

    If we were to have two ponies, chances are one would be an earth pony. I think most people worried about lack of representation are the ones worried about our lack of earth ponies in general. They tend to be under-represented, but that doesn't make them any less cute. It might just be a case of how challenging it is to draw something carrying things around with her mouth as opposed to using magic or wings.


    If we end up going the silly pony route, I'd probably want it to be a pegasus. They seem more "flittery" and spontaneous, at least from what I've seen in fanon over the years. Plus wings are cute. In terms of popularity, they are right up there with unicorns, though maybe a bit less.


    Artist: PM RGBY

    If there was a type of pony that needs help the least, it's the unicorn. So many groups, conventions, and general OC's are unicorns. The ability to do magic just makes the possibilities for art endless, and easier. When you can float objects around as opposed to move them with your mouth or wings, it takes a layer of challenge out when wanting to whip up a banner or something quickly.

    A unicorn would be an awesome mascot for the site, but would fall a bit into that cliche area. I'm not going to lie, I've always had a bit of an internal unicorn bias. I tend to play wizards and mages in video games though, so there is that.


    Artist: MLPEgasis4898

    We've received a few alicorns so far, and as much as I love to think we are worthy of one, we really aren't. Not because I don't think we do a good job, but because alicorns are meant for the pinnacle of everything in Equestria. It's a limited species that shouldn't be used often. I'd almost argue that the show itself has too many as is now. Twilight Sparkle really doesn't need princess mode to be useful for the plot, even if she looks great in wings. 

    So unfortunately we probably won't go the alicorn route. It's a neat idea though!


    Artist: Jose

    I LOVE BATS. The rest of the EQD staffers DON'T SHARE MY LOVE OF BATS.

    So no bat =[

    Maybe we can batify the final mascot (s) for Halloween?

    Submissions continuing! Thanks to everyone who is sending them in. Hopefully we can either decide on one, or take all of these ideas and create an awesome one in the end. So far I've seen a ton I want to use already though!