• Stay Brony My Friends #99 with Anneli Heed plus Charity Press Release

    Anelli Heed will be joining Dusty Katt and Screwball for another edition of Stay Brony My Friends for charity! Head on down below th ebreak for all the details on it as always!

    Kom en kom al i största showen i ridsports himmel! The WONDERBOLTS! föregå med Spitfire själv Anneli Heed!

    (Come one come al to the greatest show in the equestrian skies! The WONDERBOLTS! lead by Spitfire herself Anneli Heed!)

    Thats right fellow bolters, Stay Brony My Friends brings you Swedish Spitfire once again as Anneli stayed up WAY past her bed time to regale us with tales of conventions, voicing new characters and all manner of comedy and silly voices.

    A wonderful time was had by all in the chatty box and Anneli even had a swedish version of a Disney song for us! And as always Equestrian Inquirer gave us the latest fake news from the desk in Equestria.

    Our Charity this time out is Family Online Safety Institute. They are a 4 star charity dedicated to keeping kids safe on the internet and tackling Cyber Bullying head on. This one is right in our wheelhouse so I'd love to see this one knocked out of the park!


    Great giveaways of a Rainbow Dash variety are up for grabs if you give us a few bits, and if we hit 500 bits Anneli is chipping in a Signed Spitfire POP figure! Pretty hard to gather autograph unless your going to a Europe con this year.

    See all you guys at BABScon! and hey, Episode 100 is next?!! The day AFTER Babscon?!?!

    Yer pals, Dustykatt and Screwball