• MLP: Friendship is Magic #29 Released Today! - Download Links, Variants, and Discussion!

    "This is no costume, Captain Black. This is a way of life."—El Toro Fuerte, Jackie Chan Adventures

    This idea is absolutely ridiculous. AND I LOVE IT!

    Lucha libre is not something that I've seen very often (televised or satirized via kid cartoons), but every time that it's popped up in my life I have had nothing but a fun time with it! And if Jay Fosgitt's cover is any indication whatsoever of the interior story is going to be like, this is going to be another fun outing to the world of Masked Wrestling!

    Below you'll find the usual to check it out!

    Digital Download

    Variant Covers
    Cover A by Jay Fosgitt
    Cover B by Longua
    Cover RI 1:10 by S-bis
    Hot Topic Exclusive by Tony Fleecs (Not listed as of this post)

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